PancakeSat - as easy as a pancake

Completely new satellite formfactor that is both good for beginners and professionals

Get your own Satellite
just for 390$


It has everything, from energy supply to all required sensors for complete self-consistency in space


Can be stacked, up to 10 units together to reach cubesat size standart. Original deploy system - PanDeploy


Buy or make your own payload. Protocols like I2C, UART, SPI and GPIO allow you to install any payload


Installed antenas allow the satellite to comunicate with Earths client over secure connection or even with each other


Original active stabilization with electomagnets gives you complete rotation freedom


The satellite is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable work and study. USB type-c, SDcard slot and eight custom LEDs.

PancakeSat Applications

Earth Observation

These nano satellites are perfect for Earth monitoring. Few missions can easily cover large areas


We provide examples, documentation, lessons for creating mission programs. Program our device with Arduino IDE or other professional tools. Here you can download all the necessary libraries and examples.


PancakeSats are sutible for creating the Internet of Things (IoT) on global scales


You also could use our satellites for system testing, scientific experiments and as data collectors


• Altimeters

• Cameras

• Memory cells

• Radiation sensors

• Orientation sensors

• Transmitters

• Amplifiers

• Generators



  • Dementions100x100x10 mm
  • Weight132 g
  • Сapacity0.1 dm³
  • Operating temperature-58…+85 ºC
  • PanDeploy ports2
  • PanPayload connectors2
  • Stabilization magnetsX Y Z axis supported


  • Total power generation1.9 W
  • Battery capacity1350 mAh
  • Minimum current consumption1.3 mA
  • Total solar panel area132 cm²


  • Gyroscope + Accelorometer + Magnetometer system1
  • 240-960 Mhz 100 mW tranciver1 (up to 2)
  • GPS navigation system1 (up to 2)
  • LEDs8
  • Thermometers6
  • Reference voltage generator2
  • Real time clock1
  • EEPROM memory32kb
  • FRAM memory4kb
  • FLASH memory128mb
  • Solar trackers2. Resolution - 16 bit


  • USB type-c1 (built-in debugger)
  • SD Card Slot16 Gb
  • Debug port16 pins connector

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